Parts For Sale or Trade

I live in Newark, CA, and have stuff. Maybe you want to buy some of it. Note that this is actually my spare parts inventory, more or less. I’m interested in trades or gettng good value out of the stuff I have.

Monopoly translite. Good shape, stored flat. $75.

Spring Break translite.  Hard to tell if it’s faded or ’80s pastel.  A few flaws, but perhaps better than what you have.  Has been flat since I got it in summer 2013.  $30.

Black Knight 2000 backglass. Fade in title, but not bad otherwise? Maybe 7/10. $100.

Firepower backglass — let’s call it 5/10. Looks great with power off. I probably shouldn’t have replaced it; it’s not bad for a Firepower. $50.

Robotron bezel glass. Kind of bad. $0 until I throw it out.

Fliptronics boards. I have two. One is rumored to be broken and the other is rumored to be working. Make offer.

Manuals. Make offer or trade. Mostly originals.

  • Back to the Future (copy)
  • Laser War
  • Millipede manual and schematics
  • Monopoly
  • Monte Carlo (Gottlieb) missing some of the interesting pages in the back.

Documentation. Make offer or trade.

  • Gottlieb (Premier) 1992 Parts Catalog.

Power wiring harness out of a High Speed (should have power switch, line filter, etc.). I don’t know why I kept it, but it came with my board. Unfortunately I threw out the transformer when it got wet before I learned it was probably OK. Make offer.

Golden Tee JAMMA board. Not 3D, Fore, Live, or even II. The original Golden Tee. Works fine. I also have a control panel that fits a Ms. Pac-Man cabinet with a nice Atari/Happ trakball. Make offer.

Repro Ms. Pac-Man panel. Barely used, no art, powder-coated black. Probably got this from Twisted Quarter. It is not a great fit in a Pac-Man cabinet but will work if shimmed. It should fit Ms. just fine. I use one in a Pac-Man with a little reversible modification, and it’s nice. I’ll sell it cheaper than TQ will. $30.

Pac-Man panel with a trackball in it. My Pac-Man had been converted to Golden Tee. It’s better now but I have a junk panel. Happ trackball works fine. Ball is white but worn. Make offer.

Ms. Pac-Man boards. Not the whole thing, just the sex change bit. Junk I bought on eBay. I have 4, all of which have random chips.

Capcom black flipper bats. Make offer.

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