1page Manuals

(This is kind of of date, and I’m not sure it was ever that useful, but I haven’t decided to delete it yet.)

A lot of folks decide they want their own home game room, and drag a pinball or video game home from some source other than a retail store.

For instance, a friend of mine did a delivery of two games, one video, one pinball, after a local auction. The buyer had just bought a mini game room for her family. My friend examined her recently acquired Xenon pinball and explained that her rectifiers were weak, and would need to be replaced, as well as a general brain dump of the game’s condition and what she could to to ensure her family would be able to play it for many years.

The woman politely acknowledged, and asked for the information she needed first: “How do I turn it on?”

The one-page manuals are intended for folks who want a game, want a little bit of help, and don’t care to tell a bridge rectifier from a transistor. If you can’t, well, we’re here to help.

If you’ve got a game and want to learn just a little bit about it, print out one of these. It’s only one page.
It’s intended to be just enough information that a new owner can clear stuck balls, open the game up, and turn it on and off. This site is intended to provide a little more information so that owners can take the next step, playing!

Please feel free to print and photocopy these manuals. If you make improvements or have suggestions, please share them with us. These are PDF, but the raw files can be made available, too.

Corrections and suggestions are appreciated!

We know we could use more pictures, and of course, a completed video game manual. Someday.

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