Bally “Diamond” big coin door

Bally’s large “diamond” coin doors appeared on Bally pinball games starting from the 1970’s until about 1985, when they were replaced by the Midway coin door.  Most of the time the door was bare stainless steel, but around 1984, some were painted. I had a Kings of Steel with a painted door, but I have also seen them unpainted on that game.

This door has a distinctive inset diamond in the center.  This was initially left blank.  Later it got a Bally logo.  Sometimes, it had a Bally logo with a Susan B. Anthony dollar coin depicted, and an arrow pointing hopefully at the dollar slot.  Did you ever put a SBA in a pinball?  No, me either.

This door was never used on video. Video games used the Midway door, and after about 1985, so did pinball machines.


Inserts are available from many sources, including the Pinball Resource. Bally shipped a lot of weird inserts, many of which never got used, and I’ve had good luck finding them at shows.

Fortunately, there are a lot of donor games for this door.

Marco Specialities has reproduced the outer “skin”.

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