Non-American Coin Doors

(This page needs a lot of work.)

I’m American, and most of my games have American doors.

Obviously, re-import games have doors for their original local coinage.

It’s going to be very hard to find parts in the US. The good news is, the holes are the same size. If you find a door of the right era, you can swap it out for a local door.

Coin Comparators

Most American games have purely mechanical mechanisms, and typically accept only quarters. Most of us are accustomed to two-slot doors that both take quarters; however, two-slot doors were created to take nickels and dimes, and later dimes and quarters. Once inflation pinned the price of a game at a quarter, the second slot became a reliability concern.

Many games from the ’90s will have an electronic coin comparator. This is far more clever than the usual U.S. mechanism, and takes several different kinds of coinage. This helps in places where the coinage is more varied than the US.

[Pic to be added of my R&B with its comparator.]