Shooter Spring Cross-Reference

Shooter springs come in various strengths. Used games frequently have the wrong spring (operators will substitute what they have on hand to keep a game running).

These are interchangeable between manufacturers, but the “colors” are not consistent. This list might help.

Williams PNGottlieb PNStern/Sega/DE PNnotes
.02610-148-6 brownA-27292wimpy; TZ
.02810-148-7 whitelow; Congo, JYSS, WD
.03110-148* black266-5001-07 blueold WMS number for -4?
.03310-148-4 greenA-348“standard”; AF, EBD, Tommy
.03510-148-1 silverA-25877266-5001-04 greenSPP**
.03810-148-3 blue266-5001-05 orangePinbot, TOTAN
.04210-148-2 redhighest; BK2K
* 10-148 listed in this Pinside thread but I can’t find it in modern part lists. (Seems credible.)
** Simpsons Pinball Party: I got the Williams equivalent for this but I didn’t find it strong enough to make the Apu shot, so I went one spring stronger.

Bally games: all SP-200-24, which is NLA. Use equivalent 10-148-4 or A-348.

On some games (Black Knight 2000) shooter springs are important because a strong spring is required to launch the ball into play. On other games (Twilight Zone) a weak spring is required for greatest precision. On my Simpsons Pinball Party, the documented diameter wasn’t enough and I went to a stronger spring.  And then there are games like WPT which are pretty open-minded and will work with whatever you find in your junk drawer.

One other important question: is the barrel spring on the outside of the cabinet the one you want? There are several, and a couple different shooter rod lengths. They don’t differ by much, but it can matter. On my Twilight Zone, I need the shorter barrel or the rod didn’t impact the ball. Gottlieb A-25878 or A-347, Williams 10-149, or Stern 266-5010-00 may be present on any given game. Not only can I not differentiate between these in my stock, but I don’t think the parts distributors necessarily can, either.

A-348 is probably the right choice for any game from before 1990.


I got most of this from Marco Specialties’ web site catalog but I did compare a few Stern manuals and two other vendors.

WPT manual claims 266-5001-07 is green but lists two green springs, so I believe that’s an error. AC/DC says blue for this number.