pinball-type coin doors

Wide pinball-style door on a Williams Robotron: 2084.

“Pinball” coin doors are the doors that typically appear on pinball machines.  Their size is determined by the typical shape of a pinball machine.  They have to be wide enough to accommodate three coin slots and feed into a flat coin box.

Pinball doors were frequent on video games (all Williams, all Midway, early Atari).  In the early days of video, they were the only doors available, but after a few years many video games went to an over/under double-door.

Bally and Gottlieb doors were, naturally, pinball doors.

Inserts, buttons, and internal brackets tend to be shared with similar parts from the same OEM. That is, you can scrounge Coinco parts from an over/under door to fix your pinball-style door, provided they’re all Coinco.

I believe that these doors come in some subtly different sizes, so you can’t swap out the whole door without making sure it will fit.

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