Gottlieb “Big” coin doors

Coin door of a Gottlieb Cleopatra.
Gottlieb’s Cleopatra, their first solid-state game, used the “big” metal door in a smooth finish.

Gottlieb used a couple different doors in the ’70s.  Older games all featured the 1962 door. Starting with Spirit of 76, near the end of the EM pinball era, their multiplayer games used this door, and all the solid state games used it.  It appeared in both a plain metal style (System 1) and a textured style (System 80).

After about 1983, Gottlieb fell apart.  When they morphed into Premier, they briefly switched to an ugly, skinny door, then to Coin Controls doors.

Like everything Gottlieb made in the ’70s, these are pretty much tanks. A few parts are available from Pinball Resource, although there are lots of donor games to steal from. I particularly like the System 80 style as it doesn’t even show fingerprints. The stickers are frequently damaged, but PBR has them available.

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