Shooter Spring Cross-Reference

Shooter springs come in a wide variety. Used games, particularly those that were operated, frequently have the wrong spring. This is a cross-reference for figuring out what will work in what situation since the colors aren’t consistent across manufacturers. I got most of this from Marco Specialties’ web site catalog but I did compare a few Stern manuals.

On some games (Black Knight 2000) this matters because a strong spring is required to launch the ball into play. On other games (Twilight Zone) a weak spring is required for greatest precision. On my Simpsons Pinball Party, the documented diameter wasn’t enough and I went to a stronger spring.  And then there are games like WPT which are pretty open-minded and will work with whatever you find in your junk drawer.

One other important question: is the barrel spring on the outside of the cabinet the one you want? There are a couple different ones, and a couple different shooter rod lengths. They don’t differ by much, but it can matter.

Bally DE/
example games & notes
lowest  .026 10-148-6 brown A-27292 Extra wimpy; Twilight Zone
medium-low .028 10-148-7 white Congo, Junkyard, Road Show, Scared Stiff, Who Dunnit
extra medium  .031 10-148 ? black  266-5001-07 blue**
medium .033 10-148-4 green A-348 SP-200-24 “standard” (so says Action Pinball); Addams Family, Eight Ball Deluxe, DE Tommy, …
medium-high .035 10-148-1 silver A-25877 266-5001-04 green “most commonly used” (so says Marco); Simpsons PP ***
high .038 10-148-3 blue  266-5001-05 orange Pinbot and his kin, Tales of the Arabian Knights
highest .042 10-148-2 red for games that shoot at ramps: Black Knight 2000
  • ? 10-148 listed in this Pinside thread but I can’t find it in modern part lists. (Seems credible.)
  • ** WPT manual says this is green but lists two green springs; AC/DC says blue so I’ll go with that
  • *** Simpsons Pinball Party: I got the Williams equivalent for this but I didn’t find it strong enough to make the Apu shot, so I went one spring stronger.


  • (might have some listed twice?)
  • (I like their spring kit)
  • Stern’s AC/DC and WPT manuals list different colors for different springs. I took a look at several manuals and picked the values that looked the least bogus. I would consider buying by the Williams part number.